Methodological Approach

The methodological approach of the project is as follows:

• analysis of the S3 trajectories, with their contextualization and declination in different sub-trajectories;

• identification of research organizations that specifically deal with the identified aspects; comparison of the state of the art and recognition of companies, associations, scientific and technological districts, stakeholders that are concerned with the topics;

• development and carrying out of meetings, in view to acquire adhesions, scientific proposals, indications for investments and for managing the N.E.T. Hub;

• comparison between the Project Group and the Board of Directors of N.E.T., in view to define the salient points of interventions;

• definition of the Project;

• checks with companies that have expressed an interest in being part of the ATS (Temporary Association)

• final approval by the Board of Directors, transmission to the Region for evaluation of the project.