Laboratory for power circuit design and construction services

In the short-medium term scenario, it is expected that the energy infrastructure development plans will focus on solutions able to guarantee an increase in smart / smart-grid networks. These networks will have to ensure a strong interconnection of renewable energy sources and storage systems with existing network solutions that are thus able to adapt to the needs of end users. 60% of new connections will be supported by the development of renewable sources and in any case the strong need is expected for electronic solutions capable of connecting production systems from renewable sources and accumulation within a smart-grid environment. This sector is growing strongly.

For these reasons it is important, as a support to companies in the sector, to provide services for rapid prototyping and small production of components for customized solutions, able to be used for both off-grid and on-grid applications.
The planned investmentsconsist essentially in:

  • AOI LVCompact 3 Light system – for testing electronic boards
  • SMD Fritsch line
  • AOI LaserVision6 In-Line system
  • Production line c.s. multilayer