Charter of services

The NET Consortium, through the Service Charter, intends to implement a “quality” process within the services offered. Since its establishment, NET S.c.a.r.l. has set itself the goal of becoming a reference point and a reliable partner for all its customers.

With this document, NET wants to disclose the commitments that it undertakes on a daily basis in providing its services and to offer a valid help for the Customer to orient themselves in the plethora of services offered.

The Service Charter is a document facing outwards, to local authorities, the public, businesses, etc. It is the first document that is delivered to the citizen who accesses the NET services. Through the Service Charter, the citizen knows NET in its different aspects and the existence of other documents that can more explicitly explain the paths and quality aspects chosen. It defines the complex system of relationships that are established between those who provide the service and those who benefit from it.
The Service Charter has as its objective and purpose to disclose the characteristics of the main services that NET offers its customers as well as to define the quality criteria and the technical-operational-management aspects of the service as such.
The service charter is therefore an information and communication tool, through which NET promotes collaboration for continuous improvement of the service itself.

Download the complete document in italian, english or german