The N.E.T. Nature Energy and Territory, a limited liability consortium company, was set up in 2011 to support the development and the strengthening of scientific and technological research infrastructures and services of the Innovation hubs of the Calabria Region, as envisaged by the ERDF Regional Operational Programme (POR) 2007/2013. In its first seven years of life, being Subject Manager of the Regional Innovation Cluster “Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Technologies for Sustainable Management of Environmental Resources”, N.E.T. has been constantly commitment to activities and services, gaining a significant degree of specialization in the following areas of intervention:

  • Sustainable governance of the territory
  • Safeguarding of natural environment and waste management
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • Scientific and technological animation, communication and dissemination

N.E.T. is today the manager of the Innovation Hub for “Environment and Natural Risks” and this is its natural and coherent positioning, with respect to the strategic areas defined by the Calabria Region within the Intelligent Specialization Strategy S3 of Calabria POR 2014/2020. Dealing with the thematic area of Environment and Natural Risks means managing, at local and territorial level, major issues, which require urgent and specific intervention strategies in a global dimension.

On this purpose, N.E.T. includes private companies, public bodies and research organisms, among which: the University of Calabria, the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria and the CNR (National Research Council). These entities have formally expressed their willingness to join the Hub and to express in it their experience as well as their scientific-technological potential. This aggregation has a significant wealth of expertise to enhance and represents the central node of a technology transfer network, able to strengthen the cooperation between the research system and the business sector in the reference area. The aggregated subjects are, on the one hand, suppliers of specialist services that can be delivered through the N.E.T. Hub (see N.E.T. Catalog); on the other hand, they are bearers of innovation needs in the identified intervention sectors. The N.E.T. Hub intends to select and protect the outputs of research activities by identifying and penetrating the concerning markets and also by introducing such outputs in the economic, industrial, cultural and social processes of the territory.

Considering the threats of climate change and the opportunities offered by emergent instruments and methods able to contrast these threats, the Hub’s mission is therefore that of developing a productive dialogue between research organizations and the territory, in order to make it easier for local companies to apply consistently the results of scientific and technological research in these fields: business can transform research outputs into services, products and/or processes, which are also useful to spread an innovation culture at local level and therefore to ensure a better management of its territorial peculiarities.

The N.E.T. Hub aims therefore to stimulate and activate innovation processes in the area of ​​reference, by strengthening and consolidating its role as a research intermediary in Calabria Region: innovation processes can be stimulated and activated; the regional research system and the business networks can be enhanced. In this frame the construction of an industrial and scientific chain, able to consolidate within the Calabria Region and at the same time to connect to national and international networks, can be made possible.