Catalog of services offered by NET

The NET Business Plan assigns a fundamental role to the system of production and provision of specialized services, which are offered by the Hub to the system of regional, national and international companies, and more generally to all public or private stakeholders, through the present “Catalog of Services”. The proposed Services make use of the already consolidated technical experience, technological supports and equipment present in the innovative laboratories installed at the NET offices, at the companies belonging to the Consortium and / or at the Research Bodies (mainly the Universities of Calabria – UniCal, the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria – UniRC and the CNR, in their respective fields of competence and specialization). All services are provided in accordance with current regulations and in the manner better specified in the Service Charter, which contains the operating principles of the “Hub system” and constitutes an integral and complementary part of it. The Services of the Catalog are offered through the Net website, the Electronic Market of Public Administrations and the Hub’s commercial network, which promotes and collects the demand at regional and extra-regional level and customizes the services, by defining the technical specifications and related costs. The Catalog Services available today are organized according to areas and trajectories of reference, which are specified in the specific table.