Multimedia documentation center on climate change

Climate change resulting from a model of energy-intensive consumption and use of non-renewable resources has produced an acceleration of negative natural phenomena and greater risk for the population. The Center to be built seeks to improve the knowledge of these phenomena with the aim of preventing the main environmental and natural risks and developing greater awareness to remove the causes, combat the effects and adapt to these changes.

The planned investment regards the creation of spaces that have been appropriately re-functionalised and adapted to the creation of the Center through:

  1. Multimedia and interactive set-up in interior spaces with equipment, furnishings and sets for the technical and scientific study, as well as for the dissemination of knowledge on the subject of natural hazards.
  2. Setting up of external spaces for a laboratory dedicated to the realization of simulations and educational games on the theme of risk prevention/mitigation, adaptation measures to climate change and the rational use of natural resources.