Market energy services laboratory and software services

The recent restructuring of the electricity market has led to a complete liberalization that will be completed in the middle of 2019 with the conclusion of the so-called safeguarded market. This path has led to an increase in services and solutions for operators active in the electricity market and for producers of energy from renewable sources, since a series of activities are required that can hardly be centralized in a single entity. Thus the need arose for the electricity market operators to take advantage of a series of services for third parties that allow the finalization of the production activities and the sales activities of electricity, the correct monitoring of both energy and economic-financial flows , as well as the prediction of power and electricity market services.

1 – Monitoring of electrical loads and production facilities
2 – Forecast of production of renewable source plants
3 – Forecast of electrical load absorption
4 – Electricity market consultancy
5 – Operation on an energy exchange trading platform
6 – Management of billing for end customers through the dedicated software service